Blade Signs provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, designed to catch the eye of passersby in busy streets and shopping districts.

Our custom blade signs, extending outward from the building, not only enhance your storefront's visibility but also add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your brand's presentation.

Crafted to suit your specific branding needs, our blade signs are ideal for businesses looking to make a lasting impression in high-foot-traffic areas.

Comprehensive Installation and Maintenance for Reliability

Blade signs are expertly designed for visibility in bustling urban settings. Their strategic placement, extending perpendicularly from the building, ensures your brand stands out in crowded streetscapes, making them ideal for shops, cafes, and other pedestrian-oriented businesses.

Tailored Designs to Complement Your Brand

Every brand has its unique story, and our blade signs are crafted to tell yours. We offer a range of design options - from the material, color palette to lighting choices - ensuring that your sign not only captures attention but also complements your brand's personality and storefront aesthetic.

Double-Sided Design for Enhanced Exposure

Our blade signs are often designed to be double-sided, offering visibility from both directions. This feature is incredibly beneficial on busy streets, where potential customers approach from various directions, ensuring your brand is noticed by a broader audience.

Durability for Long-Term Performance

Constructed with robust materials, our blade signs are built to withstand the challenges of urban environments, including varying weather conditions. This durability ensures that your investment continues to pay dividends in terms of visibility and brand presence for years to come.

Space-Efficient Advertising for Compact Storefronts

Blade signs are an excellent solution for businesses with limited frontage or those located in densely packed urban areas. Their design allows for effective use of available space, ensuring your brand makes a significant impact even in compact settings.


Frequently Asked questions

What Types of Signage Solutions Do You Offer?

Express Signs specializes in a wide range of signage solutions including exterior building signs, monument signs, channel letter signs, pylon signs, and interior office signs. We also offer custom design, fabrication, installation, and maintenance services to meet all your signage needs.

How Does the Custom Sign Design Process Work?

Our custom sign design process starts with understanding your business needs and branding. We then create design mock-ups for your approval. Once finalized, we move to fabrication and installation, ensuring that the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and requirements.

How Long Does It Take to Fabricate and Install?

The timeline for fabricating and installing a sign can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the materials used. Generally, the process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months. We strive to complete your project efficiently while maintaining high-quality standards.

Do You Provide Sign Maintenance and Repair Services?

Yes, Express Signs offers comprehensive sign maintenance and repair services to ensure your signage remains in top condition. This includes regular cleaning, electrical repairs, and updates as needed to keep your sign looking its best and functioning correctly.